About us 
Culteavo is a local boutique tea shop specialized in premium loose-leaf teas, gourmet food and pastries, located inside a beautifully restored brick building dating from 1860 with inner post and beam structure in the quaint town center of Unionville, CT by the Farmington River, which sets a wonderful stage for the tea room. Operated by Certified Tea Sommelier and Tea Blender Viviana Pinhasi, Culteavo has become a destination for health-conscious foodies and gourmet tea connoisseurs and offers tea education and events to the local community. 

What’s in a name 
‘Culteavo’ is derived from the deeper meaning of the verb “cultivate”: to foster the growth of not just tea, but of the mind, soul and spirit. Culteavo is culture, community and wellness. Culteavo is awareness, awakening of the senses.   
Owners Viviana Pinhasi and her husband Claudio Schutz believe that tea is an experience that starts  
already when getting the tea out of the tin, experiencing a burst of aromas, then steeping, watching the leaves unfold, smelling the wet leaves and enjoying the infusion.  

We worked in the branding, logo and packaging design in collaboration with Robinsson Cravents, a senior graphic designer from Medellin (Colombia), specialized in brand identity development and creative direction and design. 
Robinsson has the ability to strengthen the emotional connection of a brand with their audiences through clear, effective, unique and meaningful visual elements.  

Culteavo is inspired by serenity, balance and awareness. Its logo reflects these spiritual concepts and also incorporates some of the aesthetics that Viviana and Claudio acquired during their journey throughout different parts of the word, from some ancestral Latin American roots to refined European culture acumen. 
The distinctive logo incorporates visual elements that resemble tea row plantations, a tea strainer, a face (the human element), a tree (our roots), [tea] leaves, a sun (energy) and a circle (community).  
We believe that we have achieved a brand representation that is iconic, timeless, natural and transparent.  
We chose tins to package our teas for various reasons. A tight sealing tin helps keep the quality of a great tea fresh for longer. They can be reused and refilled, avoiding unnecessary waste and caring for the environment. And last but not least, the tea tins we were set off to design had to be so beautiful and classy, that people would love to hold on to them, even after they finished their last drop of tea. 
Our tins share some design elements with Japanese canisters; they are double sealed with an inner lid and an outer cap, and display beauty and simplicity. 
We gave Robinsson a brief of the characteristics, values and nuances of every tea family, so he could design the best suited illustrations to convey the message.

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